New Venture For 2018

04th October 2017
Hi Everyone, Well as we near closer to the end of 2017 I have made some new plans for 2018 which will help me create new images at so many different locations that I have planned. I have been investing in some new backpacking/hiking equipment to get me to explore further and better places. I have invested in a light weight backpacking tent and rucksack.

The plan is to help me stay out longer at locations sunrise and sunset without having to hurry of home. Plus a bit of astrophotography what I also love doing. This method will help me get some quality conditions and light ect. This will maximise my chances of some better quality and creative work at locations which I have always needed. I am very excited for 2018. So please keep your eyes open in 2018 for some of my new work!. Thanks andy.